Ubiquitous bioplastic

I’ve been noticing several bioplastic products cropping up such as a restaurant plastic bag called “BioBag” made from Novamont’s Mater-Bi, and today during my lunch, I was sipping my “extreme berry” smoothie at this burger joint in Midtown NYC when lo and behold, my smoothie cup has this logo that says “GreenWare” with the website f-k.com/green below it. I checked it out and it’s not a profanity website, thank goodness lol!

Apparently, Fabri-Kal makes these 100% compostable drink cups from NatureWorks’ Ingeo PLA resin. The Greenware products (according to information on their facebook page –easier for me to get information there ha!), are certified to meet ASTM 6400 for compostability in industrial compost facilities.

 The company does not recommend home composting, though, so you have to locate a composting facility to make sure these biodegrade.

Where the heck is the nearest composting facility in Manhattan???

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  1. John B 7 May, 2010 at 5:07 pm #

    Doris, call 212-477-3155, or visit the NYC Compost Project in Manhattan. They say there is an “in-vessel” compost facility by the East River Park, just south of the Williamsburg Bridge.

    And let them know about Wisconsin based BioFerm, a Viessmann Group, to get energy from that methane.

    Great stuff, Doris.


  2. Jeff 8 May, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    Welcome to the world of greenwashing. Many companies are now usig these starch based bioplastics simply because they can place the word compostable or biodegradable on them to capture goodwill from customers like yourself.

    They fail to clearly qualify the facts

    The following is an excerpt from the Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guide on environmental marketing claims

    “Claims of compostability should be qualified to the extent necessary to avoid consumer deception. An unqualified claim may be deceptive if: (1) the package cannot be safely composted in a home compost pile or device; or (2) the claim misleads consumers about the environmental benefit provided when the product is disposed of in a landfill. A claim that a product is compostable in a municipal or institutional composting facility may need to be qualified to the extent necessary to avoid deception about the limited availability of such composting facilities.”


    Did you know that KMart was fined for similar claims about paper plates last year?

    FTC Announces Actions Against Kmart, Tender and Dyna-E Alleging Deceptive ‘Biodegradable’ Claims


    Since the store never informed you that you needed access to an industrial compost when they printed the claim of biodegradable on the bag you were “green washed” or lied to.

    Congratulations and welcome to the ranks of environmentally exploited customers.

  3. ChemVista.net 8 May, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    There are a lot of companies who uses compostable bioplastics. Recently recycling of PLA was also reported. http://polylactide.chemvista.net/BioPolymerNews.html

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