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Good Monday morning/afternoon blog readers! I will be traveling this week to attend BASF’s Agriculture Sustainability Summit in Chicago. Follow the hashtag #AgMsBASF or my tweets at @ICISgreenblog/@ICISChemicalBiz.

I’m also starting on an article about Zero Energy homes so any chemical companies interested, send me an email this week. Enjoy this week’s roundup and hopefully I’ll be able to also post this month’s new green chemicals launched.

Funding for bio-butanol

UK-based bio-butanol developer Green Biologics completed its investment round of £4.9m ($7.1m) to roll out its technology and commercialisation plans. The company plans to provide customers with retrofit packages to convert ethanol plants to bio-butanol.

Elevance expands Asian wax partnership

Elevance Renewable Sciences expanded its partnership with Atkins & Pearce’s Asia division for the distribution of Elevance’s NatureWax® vegetable based waxes. Elevance noted that candle manufacturers are seeking more stable wax supplies as securing paraffin waxes becomes more challenging.

Dow Corning invests in European solar

Dow Corning will invest up to $13m in a Solar Energy Exploration / Development Center (SEED) that will include two new buildings, a Synthesis Technology Center for the European area, that will house laboratories and chemists focusing on innovations in silicon-based materials; and the European Solar Solutions Application Center, that will focus on advancing the company’s technology for use in photovoltaic cells.

Lithium investment in France

Dow Kokam will invest €5M ($6m) in a France-based production facility of lithium-ion battery systems. The facility, known as Le Bouchet 2, will begin commercial production in November 2010.

Carbon dioxide project formed

An alliance of industry, academic and government organizations, was formed to commercialize technologies that will utilize concentrated solar energy to convert waste CO2 into diesel fuel. Members include Sandia National Laboratories, Renewable Energy Institute International (REII), Pacific Renewable Fuels, Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne (a United Technologies Division), Quanta Services, Desert Research Institute and Clean Energy Systems.

Carbon capture tech rights

CO2 Solution has formed a deal with CLEA Technologies B.V. for the development of CLEATECH’s proprietary Cross Linked Enzyme Aggregate technology for the carbonic anhydrase enzyme used by CO2 Solution for carbon capture applications. CO2 Solution obtains exclusive global rights for the technology until 2016.

And in ICIS News (requires subscription):

‘Green’ trends are becoming increasingly relevant to the chemicals sector and are now seen as a driver for innovation and an important way to differentiate companies from their competitors, consultant Simon-Kucher & Partners said.

Japanese chemical producer Kaneka has completed construction of new thin-film solar cell facilities at its Toyooka, Hyogo prefecture site and plans to start up the plants by the end of June.

The European photovoltaic industry must invest €1.24bn ($1.53bn) into research and development in the next 3 years to improve its competitiveness with established conventional energies, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) said.


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