DuPont in bio-succinic acid

I reported this news last week about DuPont and bio-succinic acid player DNP Green Technology having some sort of collaboration albeit without much information given by the companies.

DNP Green Technology, the co-owner of France-based bio-succinic acid producer Bioamber, sent out their latest press release yesterday regarding their licensing deal with DuPont focusing on bio-succinic acid derivatives.

Unfortunately, still not that much information gathered here except that any future commercial plants that will come out from these technologies using bio-succinic acid, DuPont will have the right of first refusal to secure off-take from these plants.

I asked DuPont if they will be involved in any production and marketing of bio-succinic acid derivatives coming from this deal. A spokesperson stated that the agreement does not include marketing by DuPont.

No specific product examples concerning the technology were also given. Looking at some of bio-succinic acid derivatives DNP Green could be focusing on some these (below).

According to DNP Green, the potential market for succinic acid is estimated at €2.5 billion, with uses in products such as antifreeze liquids, coolants, solvents, pigments, polyesters, intermediates for the chemical industry (butanediol and its derivatives), plasticizers, etc.

More on my interview with DNP Green CEO Jean-Francois Huc from the BIO conference coming soon!

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