Elevance settles metathesis issue?

This is an interesting development when the blog heard that Elevance Renewable Sciences (they seem to be generating a lot of news lately) has licensed the metathesis technology patents 7,738,528 and 7,652,145, from German chemical company Evonik.

I’ve been trying to find out more information about Evonik’s metathesis technology and to my surprise, the company actually filed a complaint against Elevance and Materia – the founder of Elevance and main source of Elevance’s patented metathesis technology – early this year. Evonik claimed under the complaint that they are the original developer of olefin metathesis process, which are filed under the patents 7,738,528 and 7,652,145.

An article by PatentCalls noted the timeline of Evonik’s claims since 2007.

The recent press release from both Evonik and Elevance did not indicate any of the patent issues but stated that both companies plan to cooperate in further developing application of metathesis catalysts within Elevance’s business scope.

Evonik did say that the price Elevance paid for their patented metathesis catalysts includes the licensing fees for the use of Evonik’s intellectual property rights.

Last week, Elevance announced their plans to built a 400m lb/year biorefinery in Indonesia to produce natural oils-based specialty chemicals, alpha/internal olefins, oleochemicals and advanced biofuels using metathesis processing. The facility will come on stream next year.

More on this announcement coming soon (with video interview)!

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