Green chemicals from June

Before I start working on my posts coming from the BIO Industrial Biotechnology conference, let me put out these new products launched last month…

1. Novozyme’s new enzyme - Novozymes launched a new enzyme, Spirizyme Excel, that converts more starch in corn, wheat, and other feedstocks into sugars which can be fermented to ethanol, thereby allowing producers to increase yields by more than 1%.

2. JA Solar’s solar cells - JA Solar Holdings introduced a new family of high performance solar cells, dubbed “SECIUM.” The new cost effective, high efficiency SECIUM solar cells enable substantially better spectral response at short wavelengths in comparison with standard solar cells.

3. Genencor’s enzymes - Genencor launched SPEZYME® Robust Starch Liquefaction (RSL).The enzyme more efficiently liquefies dry ground corn or milo, significantly reducing costs and increasing yields for ethanol producers.

4. Noveon green surfactants - Noveon Consumer Specialties launched 3 new vegetable derived surfactants for use in formulations requiring “natural” claims; Chemccinate™ LSC-K Surfactant derived from vegetable oils; Chembetaine™ ACB Surfactant, a naturally derived, bio-based amphoteric surfactant that; Sulfochem™ CS-BZ Surfactant derived from only coconut fatty alcohol and contains no palm kernel derivatives.

5. PPG waterborne paint - PPG Industries launched the first use of its next generation B1:B2 waterborne paint technology in the US. The technology works within BMW’s Integrated Paint Process and allows the customer to reduce the number of steps necessary to paint a vehicle by moving the traditional primer application into the topcoat booth.

6. Elevance natural wax - Elevance Renewable Sciences launched its NatureWax® Elite, a new line of natural, vegetable-based, high performance waxes for use in semi or automated candle filling lines. The waxes provide an environmentally friendly alternative to multi-component paraffin blends.

7. Cereplast bioplastic resins - Cereplast has introduced 11 new grades of Cereplast Compostables resins. The bioplastics can be uses in products ranging from tableware and cutlery to toys and healthcare/hygiene products, bottles/containers, bags, packaging, gift cards, printed displays, straws, even pipes, conduits, and many other applications.


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