Biobased chemicals conference in Boston

The green blogger is excited to attend (although I’m still waiting for my official media registration) this incoming Biobased Chemicals East conference, which will be held in Boston on September 13-15.

The 3-day event is packed with juicy presentations, not just development updates from renewable chemical and biofuel companies, but end market consumers such as Henkel, Ford and Sherwin Williams will be discussing the future of biobased chemical applications as well.

Companies presenting include Allylix, Arzeda, Avantium, Modular Genetics, Anellotech, Chemspeed, Elevance Renewables, Lignol, Purac, DNP Green, Qteros, Novomer, Genencor, Myriant, Metabolix, DSM, Weyerhauser, Dow Chemical, Verdezyne, Rivertop Renewables, Rennovia, Siemens, Applied Chemical Technology, Cellulose Science, Piper Jaffray, Lux Research, and Bayer MaterialScience, among others.

Organizations such as the DOE, BIO, BioteCanada, USDA, Oak Ridge National Lab, Harvard University, BioAuto Council, and Argonne National Lab.

One that I’m looking forward to is the presentation of Rennovia, a renewable chemical company start-up I mentioned last year in the blog, and haven’t heard any news from them since then. The blog was actually able to talked recently to Rennovia’s president, Robert Wedinger, who was formerly Chief Business Officer and Group President at Chemtura’s Performance Materials business.

Wedinger will have very interesting information to share at the Biobased Chemicals East event but unfortunately the blog’s lips (if there is one) is tightly shut until after his presentation, so stay tune! For now, all the blog can say is that Wedinger will provide an overview of Rennovia’s technology platform and announce Rennovia’s first product target.

Now if only I can get that official media registration (very soon I hope) so I can book my hotel…

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2 Responses to Biobased chemicals conference in Boston

  1. Skip Bensley 30 August, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    Could you point me to the Conference lead for the Boston event. I would like to connect with them.

    Skip Bensley

  2. Doris de Guzman 16 April, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Hi Skip,
    Please contact Olin Monty, the coordinator/producer for the event.

    His contact info:
    P: (818) 888-4445 ext. 37


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