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The green blogger is apologizing (again!) for the lack of posts the past week. I’ve been immersed in the world of chlor-alkali and soda ash, which are very new to me, and I need all my focus on these so as not to screw up.

In my interview posts line-up are Allylix, DNP Green, Eastman, Novozyme and another new renewable chemical firm on the block, Rennovia. This one, you might have to wait until early next month. For now, here are this week’s news roundup:

Dow expands encapsulant output for PV

Dow Chemical has introduced ENLIGHT Polyolefin Encapsulant Films, which can enhance efficiencies in photovoltaic (PV) module production and lead to lower conversion costs. The films will initially be produced at Dow’s manufacturing plant in Findlay, Ohio, and commercial-scale manufacturing start in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Cellulosic methanol produced

Range Fuels has produced cellulosic methanol from the initial phase of its first commercial cellulosic biofuels plant near Soperton, Georgia using non-food biomass. The cellulosic methanol will be used to produce biodiesel for transportation fuel markets, in heating applications, to power fuel cells or used as a fuel additive in gasoline-powered motor vehicles.

Dow Corning in biomass

Dow Corning’s Midland manufacturing site is considering the installation of a biomass-powered energy facility to provide a renewable, reliable and cost-effective supply of steam and electricity necessary for the site’s operations. Cirque Energy, LLC would build, own and operate the plant for Dow Corning.

Cargill’s palm oil certified

Smallholders at Cargill’s oil palm plantation, PT. Hindoli in South Sumatra, Indonesia, have received Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. This is the world’s first smallholder scheme to become certified under the RSPO’s Smallholder Principles & Criteria.

PolyOne’s green colorants/additives

PolyOne’s OnColor™ BIO and OnCap™ BIO masterbatches have been granted OK Compost certification by AIB Vinçotte. Products meeting this standard are authorized to use the OK Compost label, which guarantees the item is biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.

BlueFire Ethanol rebrands

BlueFire Ethanol Fuels has changed its name to BlueFire Renewables, Inc. to more clearly illustrate the company’s vast capabilities in renewable energy. BlueFire Renewables will continue to trade as BFRE.OB.

And in ICIS News (requires subscription):

Mexico City’s tough plastic-bag law went into effect on Wednesday, prohibiting businesses from giving away the bags for free.

Hexion Specialty Chemicals’ improved earnings during the second quarter were driven by strong performance in specialty epoxy and phenolic resins businesses. The specialty epoxies was said to be driven very much by wind energy.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) plans to ban or restrict production of chemicals used in dyes, flame retardants, detergents and food packaging on grounds that they have been detected in humans or may cause cancer. The EPA also plans to impose significant new use restrictions on other chemical components of dyes that additionally are used in textiles production and in paints, inks, paper and consumer drugs.

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