Green chemicals from September

 Here are September’s new green chemicals list. Solar technologies rule on this one!

1. Momentive surfactant for green polyol - Momentive Performance Materials in collaboration with Cargill has developed its Niax silicone L-670 surfactant that allows for the increased use of natural oil-based polyols in foam production. The surfactant also reduces the amount of flame retardant additive required to pass flammability tests.

2. Honeywell solar materialsHoneywell introduced a new line of electronic materials that include dielectrics and dopants designed to enable manufacturers of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells to boost their power output through use of advanced, high-efficiency cell designs.

3. Clariant water-saving dye - Clariant unveiled Pad/Sizing-Ox, an eco-efficient dyeing procedure for denims that that delivers up to 92% reduction in water consumption. Pad/Sizing Ox allows 30% energy savings together with 63% waste cotton savings compared to conventional dyeing procedures.

4. Biofoam from ITW Futura Coatings - ITW Futura Coatings introduced the first window foam, Foamseal® E-Z Fill™ Plus, containing renewable agricultural materials based on corn, soy and castor. The new foam has received BioPreferred status from the U. S. Department of Agriculture (UDSA).

5. Arkema solar technologies - Arkema has developed with the company Krempel a new PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) three-layer film (PET core layer enclosed within Kynar® PVDF outer layers) for use as protective backsheet for solar panels. Arkema also developed Apolhya® Solar, a nanostructured thermoplastic polymer for the encapsulation of new generation photovoltaic modules.

6. Verenium enzyme for ethanol - Verenium now sells DELTAZYM® GA L-E5 enzyme for the saccharification of liquefied starch in the fuel ethanol production process. The enzyme demonstrates high ethanol yields at industrial scale using multiple substrates including corn, milo, barley, wheat and cassava.

7. BP solar technology - BP has launched its KAUST system, which consists of 60 solar photovoltaic modules, half of which include BP Solar’s new 120 half-cell modules with Thermo-Cool technology. The Thermo-Cool backsheet layer allows for faster heat dissipation resulting in a cooler operating environment and thus higher power output.

 8. Bayer solar technology - Bayer MaterialScience and puren GmbH developed the Bomatherm® solar air collector roof insulation system. In this system the energy obtained from solar radiation is combined with highly efficient thermal insulation.


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