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This year, I am making sure my annual green gifts for the holidays will be a bit early (still in time for Hannukkah!) compared to last year. It seems there are more offerings as well this year so I hope this will be helpful in crossing out some from your holiday list. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

1. BPA-free kitchenware - Eastman Chemical has been very busy this year partnering with several companies that want to incorporate its Tritan copolyester in order to market plastic products that are free of bisphenol-A (BPA). Aside from the usual water bottles, Eastman also featured BPA-free food storage containers made by Reynolds and a multifunctional blender by Cuisinart.

2. Forever green lawn - Do you often hear family complaints on lawn mowing and pruning? Do you want to conserve water and eliminate costs on lawn pesticides as well? DuPont noted its DuPont ForeverLawn Select Synthetic Grass as a green solution to these problems. The artificial turf also uses recycled plastic for its backing. SynLawn’s synthetic lawn and turf meanwhile are using soy-based polyols for their backing made and developed by Universal Textile Technologies with the help of the United Soybean Board.

3. Bioplastic eyeglass frame - I mentioned earlier this year Cereplast’s bioplastic 3D glasses, which will be really useful if anybody took advantage of the recent US Black Friday sales on 3D television units. The world’s first biodegradable/compostable 3D glasses are manufactured by Oculus3D. For fashionable eyewear, Japan-based Teijin collaborated with Katherine Hamnett, a world-famous English fashion designer in the launched of eyewear lineup with the frames made with Teijin’s BIOFRONT polylactic acid (PLA)-based bioplastic. You might have to order them in Japan though.

4. What green to wear? - Here we have silk crepe kimonos where Teijin’s BIOFRONT fibers were interwoven with silk fibers; Invista has its COOLMAX EcoMade socks where the fiber contains 97% recycled resources such as plastic water bottles;and one of my favorite store, H&M, launched early this year its Garden Collection of floral pattern clothes that where made from either recycled PET bottles, textile waste or organic cotton/linen. BayerMaterialScience, by the way, posted on its website last September its vision of a “green shoe” dubbed Ecotrekker. The shoes include renewable polyurethane feedstocks, raw materials for solvent-free coatings and adhesives, and a polycarbonate blend and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) based on renewable resources

5. Sporting green goods - One of Atomic Ski Boots 2010 collection features the RENU bioplastic boot made with Arkema’s castor oil-based (about 80%) Pebax thermoplastic elastomer. Atomic uses Pebax without pigments so it can be recycled and used in any color again. Other earth-friendly features of the ski boots include recyclable foams and textiles in the liner (with bamboo lining) and cork footbed. Arkema also featured this year Sony’s special FIFA soccer ball specifically developed for donation to children in Africa. The soccer ball is also made with Arkema’s Pebax Rnew elastomer. Finally, urethane producer Elasco hooked up with skateboard manufacturer Section 9 (owned by Billabong) to use Elasco’s Biothane brand polyurethane wheels made with soybean-based polyols. Sales of Elasco’s high performance soy-based wheels are said to have increased substantially this year.

6. Bring green to work - Arkema also featured this year its Rilsan 11 castor oil-based polyamide for use in travel bags manufactured by Japanese company UNITIKA, which specializes in technical fibers. For your Iphones, IPads and MP3s, Hongkong-based bioserie is using NatureWorks’ Ingeo PLA resin for covers for these gadgets. The covers are all bioplastic materials. The IPad cover, by the way, is not yet in stores but bioserie said it will be available early next year. If you’re feeling the economic pinch, why not just give a bioplastic pen, which I posted in May. Newell RubberMaid launched this year its Paper Mate Biodegradable pen and pencils, which uses Metabolix’s Mirel bioresins; DBA is selling its 98% biodegradable disposable (potato-based) pen; and Cereplast is supplying its bio-resins for use in a compostable, biodegradable pen called Eko BIO manufactured by Brazil-based S.R. Promocionais Ltda.

7. For kids only - Back to Eastman, the company featured early this year its collaboration with Baby Dipper LLC for a BPA-free baby dipper bowl (complete with baby utensils), which uses Eastman’s Tritan copolyester. In February, Eastman featured  the Keep-It-Kleen BPA-free pacifiers and in August, Eastman showcased a phthalate-free bouncing ball, which uses Eastman 168 non-phthalate plasticizer.

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  1. Jessica 3 December, 2010 at 3:51 pm #

    Another great option in eco-friendly gifts is a gift set from Sustainable Sourcing They have gourmet gift sets of Himalayan pink salt, HimalaSalt/organic peppercorns and another with organic bath salts and massage stones. I love that Sustainable Sourcing uses eco-friendly business practices and donates money to environmental causes.

    Plus, right now their are having a sale AND offering free shipping!

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