BioAmber in Cargill succinic acid deal

That’s right folks, you read it first right here on the Green blog. We just received a scoop that BioAmber (formerly DNP Green Technology) is developing a new generation of microorganism for succinic acid production under exclusive license from Cargill.

As soon as this microorganism is ready for commercial action, BioAmber plans to use it on all of their commercial plants. Right now the company is producing bio-based succinic acid at its 2,000 ton/year plant in Pomacle, France, which started in early 2010.

The company is actively engaged in discussions to build large-scale plants in North America and Asia. I believe the blog had an interview with BioAmber in April 2010 where the company mentioned planned initial annual capacity of 25,000 to 30,000 MT for these facilities. The near-term objective they said is to sign technology licenses for both plants so that they can be operational in 2012. That timeline might have shifted a bit by now.

Not much information on the type of microorganism Cargill has but it was reported that this bug can dramatically increase BioAmber’s existing plant capacity with minimal investment and further reduce cost to manufacture biobased succinic acid. The bug can also use non-food feedstocks such as lignocellulosic material.

We will try to get more information tomorrow at the earliest, which ICIS News readers (sorry folks…protocols of my day job) will get first dibs. Not to worry, I will also spill out contents here on the blog as much as I can.

Time to say goodnight for now…

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