Cereplast to expand in Europe

I’ve been wondering who has the most active press communications based on press release announcements among the companies that I’ve previously covered. Amyris and Cereplast seem neck and neck but I’m betting on Cereplast.

The blog received 3 announcements the past two weeks alone. The biggest one is the company’s plans to open a manufacturing plant in Europe sometime next year that will handle at least 200m lbs of capacity, double the size of its US production facility in Seymour, Indiana. Cereplast announced in January 4 that it opened its European headquarters in Bonen, Germany to support its operation expansion in this region.

The company noted demand for bioplastic resin continues to grow in Europe as a result of legislation ban in the sale of plastic bags including the recently approved ban in Italy.

Today, I just saw their announcement about entering a multimillion dollar supply and distribution deal with BioWorks PI to supply Cereplast bioplastic resins to the Polish market. BioWorks is a division of Galant, a European manufacturer and distributor of plastic products such as cutlery, cups, straws and extruded films for shopping and garbage bags.

Finally, Cereplast officially opened last week its nationwide design competition called ‘Make Your Mark’ for a symbol that represents bioplastic. The symbol will indicate that a product is made from green, bio-based material and not petroleum-based material. The new symbol will serve in a similar fashion to how the recycling symbol is used to identify products that are made from recycled materials and/or are recyclable

If you’re feeling creative, you can submit your entry via www.iizuu.com/cereplast. Deadline for entries is March 4, 2011. Like American Idol, the top 50 entries will be determined based on a public voting system at the website but the top 3 designs will be be selected by judges.

The winner will be announced on Earth Day Eve, April 21, and will receive $25,000. Check out some of the designs here.

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