Biofuel News Roundup

Too many biofuel news last week!! I’m still working on the weekly news roundup….

EPA approves E15 on older cars

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waived a limitation on selling gasoline that contains more than 10 percent ethanol for model year 2001 through 2006 passenger vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and light pickup trucks. The waiver applies to fuel that contains up to 15 percent ethanol – known as E15.

SG Biofuels expands in Brazil

SG Biofuels, a bioenergy crop company using breeding and biotechnology to develop elite seeds of Jatropha,launched its new business operation, SG Biofuels Brasil, LTD based in Sao Paulo. The company is collaborating with a number of partners to develop Jatropha including Bunge, Flint Hills Resources, and Life Technologies Corporation.

Fulcrum bags $75m financing

Fulcrum BioEnergy closed a $75 million Series C financing, a portion of which will be used to fund the equity capital for the company’s Sierra BioFuels Plant, a commercial-scale production facility designed to convert household garbage to clean, low-carbon ethanol, renewable electricity and other high value chemical products.

Endicott builds biodiesel plant

Endicott Biofuels signed an agreement with KMTEX Ltd to construct a 30m gal/year biorefinery in Port Arthur, Texas, using waste fats, oils and greases as feedstock. Equity funding will come from Haddington Ventures, LLC.

OriginOil’s first algae system order

OriginOil received its first commercial order from MBD Energy to deploy its algae oil extraction system at one of Australia’s three largest coal-fired power plants. The extraction system will use concentrated CO2 emissions to produce oil-rich algae in MBD’s proprietary growth membranes.

Biodiesel catalyst funding

NextCAT Inc. received $250,000 in seed funding from Automation Alley in Troy, Mich. to help commercialization of its biodiesel catalyst technology developed at the National Biofuels Energy Lab at Wayne State University. The catalyst technology allows biodiesel producers to use cost-effective raw materials.

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