Genomatica dives into municipal waste

From trash to treasure is the motto here as Genomatica announced its joint development deal with Waste Management to produce intermediate and basic chemicals from syngas made from municipal solid waste.

Under the deal, Genomatica will create proprietary, specially-designed organisms and complete manufacturing processes to efficiently and economically convert syngas produced from locally-available waste with varying characteristics into chemical products. Not sure though what type of chemicals the companies are looking into.

As defined by the companies, syngas is produced throughout the world from natural gas or liquid hydrocarbons, and through the gasification of coal, biomass, and waste materials.

“Prior to Genomatica, converting syngas to chemicals was primarily done through chemical processing techniques, which were generally energy-intensive and limited in their ability to produce specific chemical products. Supported by the new joint development agreement, Genomatica is working to enable the conversion of syngas into desired, major- market intermediate and basic chemicals.” – Genomatica

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