Segetis expands capacity

Minnesota-based Segetis announced yesterday that it is expanding its production capacity for its levulinic ketal-based solvent and non-phthalate plasticizer products – which will be under their green chemical platform trademarked as Javelin technology.

Segetis chose a contract manufacturer somewhere in the Upper Midwest (location and name undisclosed of course) to build a new facility that will produce several million pounds of the green solvents and plasticizer products.

The company is currently producing 250,00 lb/year of their chemicals and chemical building blocks at its semi-works production plant in Minneapolis, which started operation in early 2009.

 As I’ve said not much information was given regarding the new capacity. Segetis said the investment followed notification from the US EPA of a successful registration clearance and TSCA listing eligibility for five of the company’s products. Out of those five products, three biodegradable products (already listed under TSCA inventory) are now being manufactured for commercial use.

For further background, Segetis has actually been developing levulinic ketal-based plasticizers with US resin company PolyOne. I wonder if PolyOne is one of those companies that are already marketing (or will soon market) Segetis’ non-phthalate plasticizer products.

Also as another backgrounder, major chemical player DSM has a stake as well in Segetis.

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