Weekly News Roundup

Miss me? ;-) . The blog had a very fruitful week attending the 2nd annual Biobased Chemicals Summit in San Diego, California, hosted by Infocast. I even brought a milder weather to New York today from San Diego!

There were soooo many green chemical news and announcements this week, I’ll try to post them as much as I could but first here are last week’s news roundup (better late than never).

Emery Oleochemicals in personal care

Malaysia-based Emery Oleochemicals partners with Korea-based AK ChemTech Co. for the development and production of palm oil-based specialty esters and chemicals for home and personal care application. The joint venture represents Emery’s goal in expanding towards high-value oleo-derivatives segment.

Clorox discloses ingredients

Clorox said is it now disclosing information about its dyes, preservatives and a palette of fragrance ingredients used in all cleaning, disinfecting and laundry products in the US and Canada. Clorox is all adding a notice to all product labels that its ingredients list is available at www.CloroxCSR.com.

Korea Gas to build DME plant

Korea Gas Technology plans to build a 300,000 tons/year dimethyl ether (DME) plant. DME is said to be an ideal drop  in and additive for liquefied petroleum gas as well as direct replacement for diesel. The chemical is reportedly more environment-friendly in terms of sulfur, soot, particulates and greenhouse gas emissions.

Blue Marble raises $1.3m in SEC filing

Blue Marble Energy, parent company of Blue Marble Biomaterials, raised $1.3m in an A-1 convertible note financing filed with the SEC (US Security Exchange Commission). The company uses a proprietary process to convert biomass into renewable chemicals for fragrance, flavor and personal care manufacturers.

Dyadic files lignocellulose patent

Biotechnology company Dyadic International has been issued US patent 7,883,872 which covers enzymatic conversion of lignocellulosic-containing biomass into glucose using a beta-glucosidase gene incorporated in proprietary C1 fungus. Glucose is a key feedstock for biofuels and bio-chemicals.

And on ICIS News (requires subscription):

Cognis‘s unsaturated alcohols production at Dusseldorf-Holthausen in Germany was halted on February 11 after an explosion at the site. Cause of the explosion is being investigated.

Malaysia’s Sime Darby Plantation plans to expand its global palm cultivation in 2011 to address southeast Asia’s palm oil shortage.

Domestic prices for European fuel ethanol are close to breaching recent record highs due to an increase in the cost of wheat, its main feedstock.

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