BioAmber enters adipic acid

Biosuccinic acid producer BioAmber is now venturing into the bio-adipic acid market (and other intermediates) with an exclusive licensing deal with US bioengineering firm Celexion LLC.

Unfortunately, I am still on jury duty and so do not have time right now to do more information digging. Hopefully I’ll be able to post more information on this recent transaction sometime soon.

BioAmber said it will leverage its succinic acid know-how, infrastruture, partnerships and customer base to accelerate the development of biobased adipic acid. In this case, Celexion owns the bio-adipic acid production technology.

“CELEXION’s highly attractive metabolic pathway, coupled with our novel purification process and scale-up capabilities, gives us a clear path to biobased adipic acid that, like our biobased succinic, is lower cost and has a better environmental footprint than the current petroleum route.” – BioAmber

BioAmber noted the current adipic acid market at close to 3m tons/year valued at $8bn at current market prices. Just to refresh our mind on bio-adipic acid developments, companies currently working on this area include Verdezyne and Rennovia.

(By the way, Verdezyne’s VP of business development is now working at Genomatica with the same position)

Here’s an article I wrote in September about bio-adipic acid development.

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