Solazyme’s algae now in skin care

Exciting news from Solazyme this morning as the company announced its microalgae-based skin care line Algenist will now be available in Sephora stores and on television shopping channel QVC (my favorite shopping channel actually).

Solazyme said its Algenist anti-aging skincare products include its patented alguronic acid, a polysaccharide extracted from microalgae. In the company’s website, Alguronic acid is said to prevent DNA damage and stimulates collagen and elastin production. It can be delivered either directly in personal care formulations or in Filling Spheres prepared in anhydrous solution.

It has been awhile since I last wrote articles about the cosmetic and personal care market and so I am not sure if there are other new microalgae ingredients out there with the same type of applications and benefits. I do wonder what type of applications Solazyme is working with Unilever.

The company’s Health Sciences business is currently developing a class of ingredient products also based on microalgae that can serve as a delivery vehicle in personal care formulations for a variety of oil-based micronutrients (I’m quoting their website on this). Initial product targets include shampoo and conditioner formulations and skin moisturizer.

Back to the Algenist news, the line will have four initial product offerings that will include concentrated serum, two moisturizers (one with SPF 20), and eye renewal balm.

By the way, Solazyme will be presenting in ICIS’ 1st World Surfactants conference to be held in May 12-13 in New Jersey. I am very excited about this conference as it has been a long time since I last attended a surfactants presentation packed with market information on commodity chemicals such as LAB, EO, alcohols, oleochemicals; trends on cosmetics and personal care affecting the surfactants industry; M&A within the surfactants market; and new renewable-based chemistries in the industry (Elevance Renewable Sciences will also present in this category).

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