Weekly News Roundup

The Green Blogger is close to a burnout and will try to take it easy for the next few days (despite three article deadlines for the week yikes!).  I also got some information on the OPX/Dow deal as well as Q&A from Rivertop Renewables‘ new president Jere Kolstad. It will be posted soon. Another news from Genomatica just came out as I was writing this…that will also be posted soon (no rest for the weary!)

In the meantime, here are last week’s news roundup:

Codexis in aluminum project

Codexis and its partner CO2 Solution Inc. is collaborating with aluminum manufacturer Alcoa in a new pilot program focusing on using carbon capture technology to treat and reuse aluminum manufacturing byproducts such as alkaline clay, bauxite residue and other alkaline industrial residuals. The project will be funded by Alcoa along with $13.5m in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

Arkema in world’s first bio-methionine plant

CJ CheilJedang (CJ Group) and Arkema will build a methyl mercaptan integrated- bio-methionine plant and thiochemicals platform in South East Asia (Malaysia or Thailand). The 80,000 ton bio-methionine production plant and the thiochemicals platform would come on stream at the end of 2013.

World’s first commercial cellulosic ethanol plant

Novozymes partner Mossi & Ghisolfi Group (M&G) started construction for a 13m gal/year (50m liters/year) cellulosic ethanol production facility in Crescentino in northwestern Italy. The plant will be 10 times larger than the largest demonstration facilities in operation today and is designed to operate on a multitude of cellulosic feedstocks. It is scheduled to start production in 2012.

Poet sells corn oil for feed and fuel

POET is expanding its corn oil production that could produce more than 500m lbs/year that could be made into 60m gal/year of biodiesel. POET is now selling Voilà™ corn oil from POET Biorefining — Hudson (S.D.) into biodiesel and feed markets. The corn oil could also be used for other purposes including paint, varnish, ink, detergents, etc.

Google to invest in German solar plant

Google is making its first clean energy project investment in Europe worth €3.5m ($5m) in a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant in Germany in partnership with German private equity firm Capital Stage. The solar plant in Brandenburg an der Havel, near Berlin has a peak capacity of 18.65MWp, which puts it among the largest in Germany.

And in ICIS News (requires subscription):

INSIGHT: Bio-processes and products looking for a market.

Chile’s ForEnergy is planning biomass-to-liquids (BTL) projects and chose Germany’s CHOREN as the synthesis-gas technology partner for the project in Chile.

Australia’s Algae.Tec plans to set up between one to three commercial plants in Australia, the United States and a third country by 2014 that will use high-yield algae to produce biofuels and biomass.

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