Weekly News Roundup

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Amyris now operates commercial plant

Renewable chemicals firm Amyris has completed its first industrial-scale facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil, producing its farnesene product Biofene. Amyris expects production to begin in May using sugarcane syrup as feedstock. Its Biofene will then be sold into industrial applications or used as intermediates to form renewable products such as squalene, base oil and finished lubricants/diesel.

Gevo and Mustang on bio-jet fuel

Gevo signed an engineering and consulting deal with Mustang Engieering to convert Gevo’s bio-isobutanol to parafinnic kerosene for use as jet fuel. Gevo expects to initiate jet engine testing with engine manufacturers once it completes a final “fit for purpose” testing at the Air Force Research Laboratory expected in June.

Avantium focuses on cleantech and biochems

Avantium has spun-out its pharmaceutical service and development business to become fully independent under the name Crystallics. Avantium plans to focus on its cleantech and chemicals activities. The company said it will develop its YXY advanced catalyst technology in green chemistry and to provide R&D services and systems to chemical and refinery companies.

KiOR files for IPO, builds plant

Biomass-based fuel developer KiOR, Inc. filed a registration statement on Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission for a proposed initial public offering of shares of the company’s Class A common stock. The number of shares to be sold and the offering price have not yet been determined. Kior said it also plans to build a 11m gal/year biomass-to-fuels plant in Columbus, Mississippi, which will use 500 tons/day of wood biomass.

Solegear Bioplastics partnerships

Canadian bioplastic producer Solegear Bioplastics has partnered with Ferco Compounding of Ontario, California, to produce its Polysole and Traverse bioplastics in the West Coast of North America. The company also partners with another company based in Georgia to support production for the Eastern Seaboard. Solegear expects to begin manufacturing the bioplastics at both facilities in Spring.

And on ICIS News (requires subscription):

US-based bioplastics producer NatureWorks plans to build a polylactic acid (PLA) plant in either Thailand, Malaysia or Singapore.

China’s Ministry of Health has drafted regulation banning the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in the manufacture of baby bottles, effective June 1.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday said it will put new restrictions on US producers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to cut emissions of hazardous pollutants by some 1,500 tonnes from 16 plants at an annual cost of $20m (€14m).

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