Elevance expands specialty chems output

Here are more recent announcements from Elevance.

The blog might have already mentioned Elevance’s announcement to collaborate with DSM on bio-based high performance specialty thermoplastics. Not much details were shared on what type of thermoplastics they’re focusing on and in what applications they’re looking into.

DSM is pretty big in the engineering plastics market especially with polyamides, polyesters and thermoplastic copolyesters. Worldwide, the company claimed to be #1 in high temperature polyamides, #2 in polyamide 6m #2 in thermoplastic copolyesters and #3 in overall semi-crystalline engineering plastics.

According to the press release, Elevance will provide natural monomers from plant oils using its metathesis technology to produce various polymers. As the blog recalls, Elevance is already producing C18 dibasic esters and acids, and 9-octadecenedioic acid methyl ester in particular can be a platform for producing specialty polyesters and nylons.

In a more recent press release, Elevance also announced that it has completed a 1m pound/year (500 tonne/year) production run of renewable-based specialty chemicals at toll manufacturing facilities located across the US, compared to a previous 40,000 lb/year (20 tonne/year) production runs. The company has already begun shipping products to customers from the manufacturing facilities.

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicBy the way, Elevance’s Andy Shafer recently gave a presentation at the ICIS 1st Surfactants conference held in may 12-13, and Shafer noted that the company has two manufacturing models: a large-scale, low capital biorefinery platform such as the one they are building in partnership with Wilmar in Indonesia, which is expected to start-up in the fourth quarter this year; and on-purpose, capital light platform via contract and batch manufacturing options.

I believe Shafer said at the conference that Elevance plans to scale-up to a billion gallon capacity across the globe (4 assets in Asia, 3 in North America and 3 in South America) by 2019. Based on some of the recent partnership announcements the company made this year alone — Stepan on surfactants, DSM on bioplastics, NL Grease on lubricants, International Specialty Products (ISP) on waxes and derivatives, and its first partner Dow Corning on cosmetic waxes — they probably need all that 1m pound output and the incoming 180,000 tonne/year production in Indonesia (expandable to 360,000 tonne/year).

For the toll manufacturing locations here in the US, these will produce alpha olefins and novel esters for applications such as surfactants, personal care ingredients, and lubricants and additives. According to Shafer, the renewable olefins produced will enable the replacement of n-paraffins which are used in making linear alkylbenzene (LAB) and linear alkylbenzene sulfonates (LABS) surfactants.

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