Zeachem bags low-cost feedstock

US-based Zeachem, which is building a 250,000 gal/year cellulosic demonstration biorefinery in Boardman, Oregon, producing ethanol and ethyl acetate, announced last week that it will be able to soon get 100% of its  feedstock at a cost 50% lower compared to Brazilian sugarcane and 80% less compared to corn-based materials.

The company has signed a long-term deal with GreenWood Tree Farm Fund (GTFF) managed by GreenWood Resources to supply hybrid poplar woody biomass for source of fermentable sugars at Zeachem’s planned 25m gal/year commercial biorefinery which will also be located in Boardman, Oregon. No other details on the planned commercial biorefinery were disclosed. I guess construction will start as soon as the demo facility’s operations will be successful.

ZeaChem’s demonstration plant in Boardman, Ore. will begin to come online this year.

Zeachem said its feedstock supply will come from a portion of GTFF’s residual fiber and local agricultural residue suppliers. GTFF will be the primary feedstock supplier for Zeachem’s first biorefinery. GTFF already has a hybrid poplar tree plantation near Boardman, which will supply feedstock to the demo facility, which will therefore lowers transportation and logistics costs.

[Photo of hybrid poplar tree farm by GreenWood Resources]

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