Calling consultants out there!

The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership contacted me if I know any consultants out there that are interested in their project below. The truth is I don’t really know who to recommend so I’m going to give everybody their chance to contact the group — just don’t contact me on this unless you want to say thanks =).


We are looking for a consultant that can undertake a review of our current marketing strategy in support of the biohybrid chemistry cluster.

The Economic Partnership is the regional economic development agency for the region of Sarnia-Lambton in Ontario Canada. Traditionally, Sarnia-Lambton has been a North American Cluster for traditional petrochemical and refining activities. During the past six years, working with our regional partners, we have made considerable progress in establishing the region as an emerging bio-hybrid cluster. Our partners include the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance, the Bioindustrial Innovation Centre, the LANXESS Bioindustrial Park Sarnia, the University of Western Ontario Research Park and Lambton College.

The Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership is seeking the services of a consultant with expertise in contemporary economic development marketing together with an understanding of the emerging biochemicals sector. The consultant will also have practical working knowledge of the site location process

It should be noted that submissions will be accepted from consultant teams, where two or more firms collaborate on the project.

The consultant will perform the following services:

1. Document and assess the Sarnia-Lambton Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the key site location requirements for the attraction of commercial scale next generation biochemical investment.

2. Perform an analysis of the Sarnia-Lambton Biohybrid Chemistry Cluster’s marketing strategy and related programs for the attraction of commercial scale next generation biochemical investment

3. Create a refined value proposition to improve the effectiveness of strategic attraction activities pertaining to next generation biochemical investment

4. Development of a tactical marketing plan

Depending on the consultant, there could be some flexibility in the required services. Attached is a copy of the RFP for the project.


Mike Ireland

Senior Development Consultant

Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership

1086 Modeland Road

Building 1050, Suite 100

The University of Western Ontario Research Park

Sarnia-Lambton Campus

Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6L2

Telephone 519.332.1820


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