Biofuel news roundup

Here are recent news on the biofuels market getting stale in my draft box…

  • Praj Contracted a US$ 22 mln Ethanol Plant Order in Colombia
  • Joule Awarded Patents for High-Volume Ethanol Production from Sunlight and CO2
  • ITOCHU, Bunge Begin Ethanol Production at JV in Tocantins, Northern Brazil
  • Neste Oil to Begin Using Jathropha and Camelina Oils as Raw Material for Renewable Fuels
  • Lufthansa began regularly scheduled flights using Neste Oil’s renewable aviation fuel
  • Rentech gets approval for Florida biomass gasification project
  • GreenShift Receives New Corn Oil Extraction Patent
  • New Study Finds U.S. Ethanol Production Growth Has Not Triggered Indirect Land Use Change
  • Mission Commences Sales Into Malaysian Biodiesel Mandate


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