Biofuel News Roundup

I did not want to make my previous biofuel post too long so I separated this, which are compilation of recent biofuel news from the past two weeks:

  • Honeywell’s UOP begun construction of its biomass-based biofuel demonstration unit in Kapolei, Hawaii. The biorefinery is backed by a $25m US Department of Energy award. The plant is scheduled to begin production in 2012 and will be fully operational by 2014.
  • Petrobras and Sao Martinho plan to build a 700m liters/year ethanol plant through a new joint venture company Nova Fronteira Energia for 520.7m reais ($329m). The project will also expand Sao Martinho’s crushing capacity at Boa Vista from 2.3m tonnes of sugar to 8m tonnes by 2014-2015 harvest.
  • Zeachem and Chrysler plans to form a strategic partnership to accelerate the development and market adoption of cellulosic ethanol.
  • INEOS Bio’s joint venture Ineos New Planet Bioenergy (INPB) has finalized a $75m private financing backed by a loan guarantee from the US Deparment of Agriculture for its new Indian River BioEnergy facility in Vero Beach, Florida. The facility will produce 8m gal/year (24,000 tons/year) biomass-based ethanol.
  • Archer Daniels Midland will purchase a majority share of Polish biodiesel producer Elstar Oils S.A. The company operates a rapeseed crushing, refining, solid-fat packaging and oil bottling facility in Czernin, and a fully-automated biodiesel facility in Malbork.
  • Dynamotive and Genting Bio-Oil has formed a memorandum of understanding to explore development of pyrolysis oil market in the Southeast Asian region. The companies will evaluate the possible business opportunities for the construction of a commercial biofuel plant, including biomass quantification, characterization and evaluation for use in pyrolysis process, biofuel production, supply chain and plant location.
  • Virent has completed its first road fleet test for its biogasoline organized by Shell. Virent’s sugar-based gasoline was found to cause “no harm” to vehicles in comparison to Shell’s baseline fuel. Virent also received a $4m US Department of Energy award to deconstruct and convert cellulosic biomass into drop-in biofuels and chemicals. The three-year project objectives include the deconstruction and conversion of three types of biomass: corn stover, wood and bagasse.
  • Abengoa also has been selected by the US Department of Energy to receive an offer of a conditional commitment for a $133.9m loan to construct a cellulosic biofuel facility. The plant will produce 23m gal/year of advanced cellulosic ethanol, as well as enough energy to meet the electric power needs of the plant.
  • Renewable Energy Group restarted its newly acquired 30m gal/year Albert Lea, Minnesota, biodiesel plant. Customers have the option to pick up either B99 or B100 at the plant. The REG Albert Lea facility brings the REG owned/operated total to more than 210 million gallons.
  • Imperial Petroleum will secure a two-year biodiesel feedstock supply from Green Grease Solutions based in New Jersey for Imperial’s Middletown, Indiana, biodiesel operations.
  • The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) hit its first 1m hectares of certified sustainable palm oil  (CSPO) production area around the world. CSPO global production is now close to 5m tonnes, representing almost 10% of global palm oil production.

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