BioAmber, Lanxess in bio-plasticizers

So many news that came out while I am away (Solazyme, Amyris, Cobalt Technologies, Chemtex…). Thank goodness for free wifi in Vienna airport so I have 15 minutes to write this post about BioAmber and Lanxess working on biosuccinic-based plasticizers.

By the way, just wanted to let my readers know that I already suspected some sort of partnership will happen between the two companies when BioAmber announced that it is building a 17,000 tonne/year bio-succinic acid plant in Sarnia, Canada, given that Lanxess’ bio-based chemicals manufacturing (e.g. bio-isobutene for tires from the Gevo partnership) seems to center in Sarnia.

The companies said they have been working together for over 2 years assessing the performance and opportunities of succinate based esters in the plasticizer market. Samples are now available and the companies said they expect to begin commercialization in 2012.

FYI. The market for phthalate-free plasticizers is hot right now, just take a look at Eastman’s continuous manufacturing expansion and several acquisitions of phthalate-free plasticizers.

The blog also wanted to congratulate BioAmber for winning the Best Innovation Category at this year’s ICIS Innovation Award. Other winners in different categories include Teijin, LanzaTech and Novomer.

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