Myriant expands in Asia

I’ve got 20 minutes before going to school so here’s a short news from Myriant that announced yesterday about plans to expand distribution of its biobased succinic acid in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan through a partnership with Japan-based Sojitz Corporation.

Sojitz said it plans to set up a commercial biobased derivativese plant that will consume 150m pounds/year of Myriant’s biobased succinic acid. The facility is expected to start in 2015.

Under the deal with Myriant, the companies will collaborate in the sales and marketing exclusively in the above-mentioned countries for applications such as plasticizers, polymers, urethanes and solvents.

Now 2015 is still a long way so the blog speculates that the biobased succinic acid for this collaboration will come from a production facility in Asia. The question is where will that facility be, when it is going to be announced, and if PTTGC will be involved in that planned Asian facility (most probably yes in my opinion).

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