Introducing P2 Science

Speaking of investing, our good friend Neil Burns and Connecticut, US-based Elm Street Ventures recently invested in newly formed company called P2 Science, which will focus on the development and manufacture of a new class of high performance carbohydrate-based surfactants called C-glycosides (CGs).


According to the company’s website, the surfactants are being positioned primarily as co-surfactants and can enhance the performance properties of primary surfactants such as linear alkylbenezene sulfonic acid (LAS), sodium alkyl (ether) sulfates (AS/AES), alcohol ethoxylates (AE) and similar products.

CGs are said to be highly effective at reducing surface tension, can solubilize organic materials as effective (or better) than other carbohydrate-based nonionics, and have tunable properties (no idea what tunable properties are…).

Feedstock for the surfactant includes glucose, lactose, xylose and galactose but P2 Science said it is also looking at algal lipids as feedstock for the hydrophobic portion of the surfactant molecules.

The lead inventor in the CG field – Patrick Foley of Yale University – is now P2 Science’s chief scientific officer while Neil is the company’s founding CEO.

Also check out my article on carbohydrate surfactants on ICIS Chemical Business published in May (free access!).

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