Semi-Monthly News Roundup

The blog will still try to do a weekly news roundup but for now here are some of the news that came out the past two weeks:

Genomatica licenses PROESA

Genomatica has obtained exclusive worldwide rights to the PROESA process from Beta Renewables for butanediol (BDO) production from biomass through any fermentation-based process. The companies plan to produce biomass-based BDO at demonstration-scale in 2012 at Beta Renewable’s facility in Rivalta Scrivia, Italy.

Verdezyne secures patent

Verdezyne has been granted a US patent number 8,093,037, titled “Engineered microorganisms with enhanced fermentation activity” for the company’s engineering of a yeast which incorporates xylose isomerase, a key enzyme in the fermentation of certain pentose (C5) sugars to ethanol and other products.

Solazyme launches new skincare line

Solazyme has launched a new Firming and Lifting skincare line to their brand Algenist worldwide. The line features three new products targeted at women ages 45-60 and will retain for under $94. The Algenist brand is said to be the first to introduce Alguronic acid to the anti-aging ingredient market. Alguronic acid reportedly outperforms the anti-aging benefits of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol.

DSM introduces castor-based flooring materials

DSM and Empresa Brasileira de Biotechnologia (Ebrabiotech) has launched a new line of DSM-branded castor oil-based materials targeting the concrete floor coatings market. The partnership will also develop future materials that will offer low-carbon footprint solutions for aquaculture and structural steel protection applications.

Recycling glycols from waste antifreeze

ThermoEnergy Corp. signed a contract for sale of its CAST 3000 Wastewater Recovery System to a major recycling company in the west coast to recover ethylene glycol from spent car and truck antifreeze/coolant. The west coast facility is expected to recover more than 1,000 gal/day of pretreated wastewater containing 40% of ethylene glycol. The flash vacuum distillation system uses a physical-chemical process that uses temperature and reduced pressure to separate chemicals, metals and nutrients from wastewater.

Dow selects Solar Shingles dealers

Dow has chosen three Colorado roofing contractors – Academy Roofing, B&M Roofing of Colorado Inc., and D&D Roofing to be its first authorized dealers for Dow Solar’s Powerhouse Solar Shingles. Expanded availability of the solar shingles and the Powerhouse authorized dealer network will be announced throughout Colorado and other US markets in the coming months.

HyperSolar’s wastewater into hydrogen tech

HyperSolar has developed a wastewater treatment technology that uses sun to photo-oxidize wastewater, and simultaneously produce hydrogen and clean waster. The company noted that drinking water and wastewater systems account for 3-4% of energy use in the US, and 30-40% of total energy consumed in municipal governments.

And in ICIS News (requires subscription):

Italian bioplastics producer Novamont is considering building a second bio-butanediol (BDO) project in Porto Torres, Italy, using Genomatica’s bio-BDO technology.

Solvay has created a new energy services business “Solvay Energy Services” as it looks to cut its energy costs and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Officials of US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched an online database that provides individuals access to site-specific information on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by power plants, refineries, chemical producers and other industries.

INSIGHT: Moving from pilot to commercial scale, some bio-based petrochemicals are starting to make a clearer impression on the consumer. Soon, they will start to make an impression on the industry.

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