Vantage Specialty Chemicals sold

FYI for our oleochemical friends: Vantage Specialty Chemicals, the largest oleochemical producer in North America, is now owned by the Jordan Company (TJC), a private equity firm.


Vantage’s former owner, H.I.G. Capital sold the company for an undisclosed sum. ICIS actually broke this news in December 7 (subscription only) after several sources in the financial community noted in an interview that H.I.G. put Vantage in a formal auction process and that “it was a food fight among private equity firms”.

The Vantage assets comprise three US-based oleochemicals acquisitions made by HIG Capital starting 2008 – Uniqema Americas (the oleochemicals business owned by UK-based Croda), Lambent Technologies and Lipo Chemicals. Vantage is said to have a current annual revenue in excess of more than $500m

ICIS noted in December that estimated selling price for the company may be between $400-480m or higher.

TJC is no stranger to the chemical space. It owns US-based Haas Group International, a provider of chemical management services.

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  1. Manoj Jha 7 January, 2012 at 3:15 am #

    Vantage will finally be with one of the the Palm Plantation player!Oleo Capacities in EU & NA will face stiff competition from SE Asian.

  2. Doris de Guzman 16 April, 2013 at 8:30 pm #

    Hi Manoj,
    You might be correct that the big fatty acid players in the West are already disappearing. I don’t even know aside from Vantage and PMC who are in the US merchant market that is not owned by Asia-based companies.

    Evonik Degussa (Captive on fatty acids)
    AkzoNobel (captive on fatty acids)
    Ferro (captive on fatty acids)

    Best Regards,

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