Ajinomoto, Toray on Biobased Nylon

Just had my first school exam for the semester tonight so hopefully my lack of blog posting this week was justified. I saw this news on Wednesday morning about Ajinomoto partnering with Toray on the development of nylon raw material 1,5 pentanediamine (1,5 PD) using plant-based amino acid lysine via Ajinomoto’s fermentation technology.

According to the companies, the amino acid lysine is decarbonated through an enzyme reaction to make the 1,5 PD, and then Toray polymerize the chemical with dicarboxylic acid. An example of nylon that can be made from this process is nylon 5,6 fiber, which Toray said has the same strength and heat resistance as conventional nylon fiber made from petrochemical-based hexamethylenediamine.

The companies have already produced both 1,5 PD and nylon made from the plant-based 1,5 PD in the laboratory. Toray said they plan to further expand their collaboration to include development of production processes and evaluation of use in textile and plastics applications.

The blog is definitely seeing increasing research on the bio-based nylon market given our recent post on Rhodia and Avantium’s bio-polyamide partnership.

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