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It’s raining green dough

Despite US recession fears and volatile stock markets, investments seem to continue pouring in for new technologies related to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and oil consumption. Several US institutional investors pledged at a U.N. summit a total of $10bn over two years to reduce GHG and pressure companies to divulge their inner carbon emission secrets, […]

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Philips’ green products light up

Marketing green products is paying off big time for electronics giant Philips. The company reported a 33% sales increase on green products last year at EUR 5.3bn ($7.8bn) compared to EUR 4bn in 2006. Green products sales in Philips’ global healthcare, lighting and consumer businesses now account for 20% of the company’s total 2007 sales. […]

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BASF bares carbon soul

European chemical company BASF SE said it is the first company ever across the globe to present a comprehensive carbon balance for its operations. The analysis include emissions from raw materials, to manufacturing of their products and ultimately disposal of their products. Life cycle analysis of key 90 products were also assessed and verified by […]

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Green city breaks ground

Construction will soon start for Abu Dhabi’s $15bn green city of the future. The Masdar city is planned to be the world’s first zero-carbon, zero waste, car-free community of 50,000 people, mostly with scientific pedigrees. Abu Dhabi is asking its oil customers to keep the investment money flowing. At least some of them are being […]

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Get your eco-patents for free!

The green trend is proving to be a red-hot breeding ground for innovation, and several multinational companies are willing to open their patent vault to encourage more development of renewably-sourced, environment-friendly, emission and waste-reducing, more energy-efficient, solution-providing…[ok, I'll stop now] products and processing. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in partnership with Nokia, […]

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Brewing bio-chemicals

Chemicals made from fermenting agriculture-based products are reaching their critical point. A few days after agribusiness company Cargill and enzymes producer Novozymes announced their plans to develop bio-chemicals such as acrylic acid from fermented sugar-based 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-HPA), chemical company DSM and starch derivatives producer Roquette are building a pilot plant for starch-based succinic acid. […]

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Green Index rises

As the global temperature rises, green trading is warming up in the financial market with several institutions launching their own Green Index. Standard & Poors launched in January 7 its Global Eco Index designed for 30 of the largest publicly listed companies worldwide operating in ecology-related industries, including clean energy production, water utilities and infrastructure, […]

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Green Chemistry – a growing billion dollar industry

A recent article from the

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Honda opens greener solar cell facility

More solar news! Honda Soltec, a subsidiary of the car maker Honda, opened its new solar cell production facility in Kumamoto, Japan. Instead of silicon, the company’s solar cell uses a thin film made up from a compound of copper, indium, gallium and selenum (CIGS), which Honda said reduces 50% of energy consumed during manufacturing […]

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Solar R&D get an investment boost

The sun is shining for the solar energy sector — considered the most expensive among alternative energy source. The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced a $21m investment for the development of next generation photovoltaic (PV) technology. 25 projects mostly from various universities were selected for the DOE’s MAKE-SOLAR ENERGY-CHEAPER handouts. Each three-year award averages […]

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