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Green Christmas list…

I’ve decided to search the world (wide web) and list down the top 10, in no particular order, the most innovative or eye-ball rolling, snort-inducing green products that I could find. I’m the lone judge for now but any suggestions for next month’s segment will be greatly appreciated. I’ll also look for Simon Cowell’s doppelganger […]

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BASF talks about Bioplastics

BASF talks about the company’s Ecovio biodegradable plastics on its latest Innovations podcast. BASF said they have wide range of applications such as in rip-proof plastic wraps and shopping bags, shampoo bottles, or food foam containers. Ecovio is made up of corn-based polylactic acid (45%) and BASF’s Ecoflex, a petroleum-based (aliphatically aromatic copolyester) biodegradable plastic. […]

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