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Wanted: CO2

More great news for the much maligned carbon dioxide. Aside from developing CO2 to make ac refrigerants for automobiles, it is now being used to make plastics and biodiesel. DSM is investing in CO2-based plastic developer Novomer. Novomer says its catalyst technology enables the company to manufacture bio-based building blocks, polymers, compounds and other chemical […]

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Green Autopia

I am shamelessly self-promoting my article about greener automobiles, which just came on out December 17 and was published on ICIS Chemical Business magazine (Did I mention before that I work for ICIS?). According to my interviews with several chemical companies, the global automotive industry is really becoming more green not only because of the […]

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For fuel cells, gold is more precious than platinum

Scientists from the Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory found that nanoscale catalysts gold-cerium oxide and gold-titanium oxide are more efficient in producing purer hydrogen in fuel cell reactions than the expensive platinum-based catalysts. These next generation catalysts could lead to cheaper fuel cells, which could lead to less expensive hydrogen-based automobiles, which could lead […]

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