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Climate change post footnote

Also check out this week’s issue of ICIS Chemical Business (Disclosure: I work for ICIS) featuring global regulatory issues such as Europe’s REACH, worldwide climate change, California’s Green Chemistry Initiative, and other environmental/health concerns challenging the chemical industry.

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Climate change debate heats up

The pending senate vote on the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill is producing outpour of support as well as disapproval across the board. According to ICIS News (I apologize for those who don’t have the subscription for the service) , President Bush reportedly warned the Congress on the potential costs of the bill on the US […]

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CO2 is auto makers’ new cool friend

While everybody is trying to reduce their carbon footprint, some auto makers are driving the opposite way by embracing carbon dioxide for use as a refrigerant in car air-conditioners. According to this recent article from the New York Times supporters claimed CO2 as more ozone-friendly and 20% more energy efficient in ac systems than the […]

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San Francisco starts plastic bag ban

Speaking of plastic bags, San Francisco already started eliminating their use (unless they’re biodegradable) in large grocery stores last week, according to San Francisco Chronicle. According to a new policy from the city’s Department of Environment, only retail businesses and smaller grocery stores are still allowed to hand out the bags while pharmacy chains will […]

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Green Chemistry – a growing billion dollar industry

A recent article from the

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