Top 5 EPCA Parties

It’s Tuesday morning at EPCA in Berlin. Another damp grey morning. Feeling damp and grey yourself? Are you all partied out from three nights in town? Here’s the ICIS Chemicals Confidential Top 5 of EPCA Parties 2007:

1 Mitsubishi – great Saturday night start to the event – Ruinart champagne and wall-to-wall sushi

2 Mitsui – caiparinhas and fab sushi, and where in pursuit of my plan to do a “Top 5 Chemical Moustaches”, this splendid gentleman agreed to be photographed. moustache.jpg

3 Vopak – bellydancers, breakdancers, champagne and dancefloor packed with 6-foot shipbrokers

4 Gaschem – wonderful night-time view over Berlin from the balcony of the Pan Am lounge, Topfenknoedel and wild entertainment.

5 EPCA Opening Reception and Walking Dinner – hours of pink fizz, patient bus drivers home and, apparently, stacks of famous paintings (somehow I missed them). But walking dinner? Is more time on your feet really what we need?

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