Houston Chemical Bikers

Houston is a city built round the car, but it is not a welcoming place for a visiting driver from the UK straight off the ten-hour flight. The driving on the left I can handle, sort of, but what’s this with “right hand lane must exit” and flash floods on the road from the airport? Still, I am always cheered on the way into the city by the two huge billboards which will forever remind us that we are in Houston: “Vasectomy Reversal” and “When half is not enough – 1-800-DIVORCE”.


Houstonians always complain about the miles of stationary traffic in the morning and evening rush hours. No wonder that bikers are taking over in the Houston chemical biz. Angela, Stephen, David and Moss are but a few of the keen chemical bikers, gliding down the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane in their leathers and full-face helmets. It’s a scary sight for the unsuspecting visitor.


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