New York, New York – Tips for Baseoils and NECA

It’s winter in New York City and the snow will be falling, the lights sparkling in the trees, and the ICIS Pan-American Baseoils Conference will return for its regular winter gig in New York City. This year it moves from the New Jersey shoreline overlooking the city back into Manhattan at the New York Marriott Financial Center with its fabulous view of the Statue of Liberty.

Blog readers who are already stuffing their wallets with US dollars (yes, now $1.48 to the euro, and $2.06 to the pound) for the Baseoils trip, or the seasonal jamboree which is the NECA Winter Meeting on 13 December, will be eager to know where the Chemicals “A” list will be hanging out this year.

ICIS-Chemicals-Confidential flicks through the gilt-edged cards on the office mantlepiece to point you in the direction of:

The Xmas tree and skaters on Rockefeller Plaza, as viewed from the warmth of the Quincannon office on the south side of the plaza.

(photo from my phone)

The fresh bagels and whipped cream cheese in the media glitz of the ICIS Park Avenue offices.

The Oak Bar of the Plaza Hotel on Thursday afternoon after the NECA lunch – the hotel is reopening on 3 December 2007 after a $400 million two-year renovation.

The Starsupply pre-NECA Annual Holiday Party at Cellini’s, full of this year’s brokers, traders and industry folk.

Hotdogs at Papaya King.

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