The Mussels in Brussels – Training and EPL

The Eurostar glides into Brussels Gare du Midi and the team arrives for the last ICIS Training Seminar of the year, to be held at the offices of the EPCA on the Avenue de Tervueren.

The rain is falling steadily on the Plaisirs d’Hiver Xmas Market around the Bourse and along the Fishmarket, as Nigel and Peter embark on some “Beer in Plastics” research for the Blog Beer Watch campaign. The buckets of shiny black mussels rattle invitingly, and the lights gleam off the wet cobblestones.

On Wednesday the European Petrochemical Luncheon (EPL) also rolls into Brussels, pitching up at the Hilton and starting off with a festive cocktail reception sponsored by Petrochem Carless. It is a full year since the famous ICIS-sponsored EPL winter cocktail event, where delegates came to blows over the premium gifts of sleek black packs of computer gadgets. Gina told me she saw someone walk off with arms piled high with four packs.

Other good EPL presents were the Swiss chocolates at the summer EPL: the red and white Swiss flag ribbon still adorns my suitcase. And the smart gold pen from Kolmar at their anniversary celebration at the March EPL.ICIS-Chemicals-Confidential must sadly decline the EPL’s kind invitation for 13 December, but instead offers you a short festive EPL Quiz.

1 Can you identify the EPL regulars and the location in this enchanting EPL video clip?

An ICIS “premium gift” to the winner.

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  1. Ally 10 December, 2007 at 12:22 pm #

    I saw Brothers’ Cider being served in individual plastic bottles on friday

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