A Car that Runs on Air

Lucy Craymer, deputy news editor on ICIS news has a passion for the new Air Car….

The Air Car is just that – a car which runs on air (she writes). Developers hope the car, which reaches 220 km/hour, will be out on the market later in the year. After 14 years of development Guy Negre at Moteur Developpment International has said the car will soon be for sale in Europe by the end of the year or early next.


The car is said to run on compressed air and will cost just €1.50 for 200km. At 50 km/hour it’s not just pollution-free, it actually goes one better and apparently recycles the cold air it emits for the air conditioning! While Indian motor giant Tata’s new vehicle, the Nano, seems to have been constantly in the press for the last few weeks, Tata’s other investment seems to have missed even its fifteen minutes of fame.


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