Chemicals to increase your bust?

My fellow blogger Nel Weddle is concerned about the chemicals in lipstick…

Are chemicals in your lipstick increasing your bust (she writes)? According to an article in a British newspaper, the fact that British womens’ bust sizes have gone from 34B to 36C in a decade could be down to the increasing consumption of xeno-oestrogens – chemicals from plastics and pesticides that mimic oestrogen and are fat-soluble so can be easily stored in the body. These xeno-oestrogens are found everywhere from foods to cosmetics and scientists are unsure of how dangerous they are.

Male or female breast cells are stimulated by the presence of oestrogen to produce more mammary tissue..(so men take note not to kiss too many lipstick-enhanced lovelies!)

However luckily for the chemical industry, one reason for increased breast size is undeniable – we are just getting fatter plain and simple

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  1. anon 28 January, 2008 at 2:44 pm #

    NB: Must stop using lipstick before I topple over.

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