San Antonio Music Goes on a European Tour


Getting in the mood for NPRA in San Antonio, Texas, I went to see country rocker Steve Earle, himself from Schertz, Texas, 17 miles north of San Antonio, in concert on Friday. With his prison record and married seven times, Earle isn’t much like your average NPRA delegate, although he is sporting a convincing chemical moustache, and balding with a curious tuft of black hair in the middle of his forehead rather like a unicorn. The reviews were mixed, but I thought his voice was as strong as ever, and the two plaintive duets with his newest wife, singer-songwriter Allison Moorer, had some sweetly touching harmonies. In his crumpled country clothes, he’s never going to pass as an NPRA delegate, but put him in a pair of pressed chinos and a checked shirt and we could smuggle him in, no problem.

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