Top Ten Chemical Movie Scenes


The oil movie, There Will Be Blood, opens in Europe this week and has set us wondering what the Top Ten Chemical Movie Scenes of all time would be. Particular thanks to Nigel, who is always quoting the line from The Graduate, and to John Baker and Andy Price on ICB who clearly spent their formative years watching black-and-white British comedies.

1 “I want to say one word to you… Plastics…. There’s a great future in plastics,” – advice given to Dustin Hoffman by his father’s friend in The Graduate.

2 Crop spraying scene – as Cary Grant is pursued by a cropduster plane in North by Northwest.


3 The Joker in Batman gets his face ripped off with acid.


4 Making soap from human body fat in Fight Club.

5 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - where Jekyll takes the potion

6 Local Hero - Scottish fishing village versus Houston oil barons

7 The Wages of Fear - all about the transportation of a batch of nitroglycerine explosive

8 The James Cagney movie White Heat, where he ends up on top of an LNG sphere (according to John Baker)

9 Erin Brockovich - Julia Roberts fights a ground water pollution legal case in a succession of revealing outfits.

10 The Alec Guinness Ealing comedy, The Man in the White Suit - about a northern chemist who invents an indestructible and stay-clean fibre! (John Baker)

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  1. patrick 11 February, 2008 at 6:59 pm #

    yes, there was a lot of the chemical theme in fight club

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