There’s no “I” in Team


The chemicals market was on hold for two hours on Monday afternoon as frontline ICIS reporters turned their minds to building constructions from elastic bands, tubes and sticks in the pursuit of grouping and bonding.

Screens were dimmed and phones stood silent in the hi-tech ICIS London office, as the editorial team turned themselves into their three new groups, based in a very loose fashion around crude oil, olefins and aromatics.

In the purest traditions of corporate team-building, compromising photos and even videos were taken, clothing left in disarray, firm friendships made and broken, and strong enmities established between the groups.

Later, as wine flowed and retro Italian food was consumed, wild tales were told. Steve and Mike told the story of how Richard Gere had allegedly shaved a gerbil and inserted it into himself, after which someone told the tale of how a local Sutton restaurant had been closed down by health inspectors after two different types of human emissions had been found in the curry.

Later still, the team creapt back into RBI’s Quadrant House under cover of darkness to perform puzzling but revealing skits, much to the bemusement of the night security staff.

Photos by PG and video by Lucy to follow.

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