Campaign to keep flights mobile-free

(Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for the photo.)

The European Commission’s approval of mobile phones on planes means that passengers will be able to have those important “I’m on the plane” conversations within months. The UK’s telecoms watchdog Ofcom has given the go-ahead for the service to be offered on British aircraft, and the Blog is sure that chemicals folk will be amongst the early adopters on this as in all other communications gadget freakery. However, the British “Daily Telegraph” newspaper has launched a campaign to keep flights mobile-free, saying: “We believe that for the sake of passengers’ sanity and security all flights should be kept mobile-free.”

To date, a total of 6776 readers have signed the petition (to see the petition, click here.)

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One Response to Campaign to keep flights mobile-free

  1. Biofuelsimon 28 April, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    As if jetlag were’nt bad enough, we’re going to have to put up with people pitching for business in New York, when the coast of Ireland is below them. Imagine how you’d feel if you were dumped by sms on the outward leg of a trip…. oh happy day

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