Hip words for conference meetings

When you find “thinking outside the box”, “joined-up strategy” and “ownership of actions” old hat (or vieux chapeau as we used to say when ICIS was based in Paris), where do you turn for the latest jargon to show your colleagues you are at the cutting edge of corporate speak? The Blog’s favourite from this week’s meetings at NPRA was “redacted” – meaning “edited out” or “removed”. Use in sentences like: “I have read the redacted report,” or “In the redacted meeting minutes …”

Another favourite quote was from one of our Shanghai colleagues, who told me that at his business school, where the male:female ratio was heavily male, female students looking to catch a husband used to say that: “The odds were good, but the goods were odd.”

Click here to play “Business Meeting Bingo” for more wince-making corporate speak than you can possibly stomach.

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