San Antonio Grand Hyatt rises like a phoenix

In idle moments between meetings, NPRA delegates fill the time with industry gossip. The Blog hears that chemicals folk staying at the brand new Grand Hyatt hotel, which has risen from an empty building site by the Conference Center (sic) in the space of the last year, were finding that their rooms in the half-built, half-occupied hotel were next door to constant drilling and the lifts (elevators) weren’t working. According to the concierge of the Marriott Riverwalk, the hotel is already housing 140 NPRA delegates. What fun for them. Still Nel, Bharat and Dan go to check it out and report back that the lobby and bar are “very swish and glamorous”.


(Thanks to for the photo – from left: Marriott Rivercenter, Marriott Riverwalk, Grand Hyatt.)

More gossip from Richard and Stephen who saw a drunken delegate still in suit and tie around 8.30 pm on Sunday night relieving himself on the balcony of the bar in the Marriott Riverwalk. He then passed out on the table and was carried away by hotel security and the police. The Blog hears that Stephen recorded the latter stages of the event on his mobile phone.

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  1. Conciant 22 August, 2008 at 9:48 am #

    This day and age more and more people are using a personal concierge to “buy back” their precious time. A personal concierge works on the most basic of premise: people want things done and just don’t have the time to do them.

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