“It’s The Thought That Counts” – Duty Free gifts

british airways mag.jpgI’m on a packed 6 o’clock day-trip commuter flights back to London from one of the chemical hotspots of mainland Europe. Every seat is taken. Next to me, two men in suits are buying trinkets from the “Shop in Flight” magazine.
STOP! What are you thinking of? Do not ever buy your sweetheart gifts from the on-board Duty Free. Don’t you know it’s the equivalent of buying plastic-wrapped flowers from the petrol station forecourt? Do you imagine that your partner never opens the in-flight magazine? If you can’t pick up something in the city you’ve visited or in the airport shops (and I know some of them are pretty barren, eg Frankfurt), it’s best to forget it altogether.
The Blog is also baffled to see that you can buy old British Airways in-flight magazines on eBay for £0.99 plus postage. I wonder if all those besuited executives on the commuter flights are supplementing their income by slipping a few copies into their briefcases on the way home. And are people really buying them to leave lying on their coffee tables to impress the neighbours? Any ideas?

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