Last year’s buzz words are banished

I hope that by now all Blog readers have managed to slip the word “redakted” into a normal conversation, as recommended here during NPRA.

It’s now time to banish some of the obsolete chemical buzz words of 2007.

Top words which are now heading for their sell-by date must be: work/life balance, forward curve, learning curve, value chain, robustness, thought leadership. Use them at your peril. My colleague Linda is still aghast at “blue sky thinking”, but I think that harks back to circa 2006.

Buzz words and meeting jargon are most at home in a corporate meeting room, but it is even easier to use them on a conference call with a straight face.

There are other advantages to being the “remote” participant in a conference call. While the office-based participants are all clustered around the speaker phone, there’s always the faint suspicion that the remote characters on the other end of the phone are pulling faces, making inappropriate gestures, surfing eBay or doing the ironing.

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