More Top Chemical Movie Scenes

The battle for the top chemical scenes in the movies rages on. After I thought we’d settled once and for all the “Top Ten Chemical Movie Scenes” back in the early days of the Blog, the movie buffs at ICB (John Baker and Andy Brice) have thrown these six names into the ring.

1 The napalm scene in “Apocalypse Now”


2 “The Sum of All Fears (2002)”
The origin of the nuclear bomb was determined by tracing the atomic signature of bomb fragments found near the blast site.


3 “The Rock (1996)”
The chemical discussion takes place in the discussion to prevent VX Gas from killing about 60,000-70,000 people in San Francisco.


4 “Formula 51 (2001)”
A new drug made of completely legal ingredients is invented that is 51 times more powerful than any other drug.


5 “Equlibrium (2002)”
Prozium is the drug that is used in the movie. It is a mind-altering drug that suppresses mans emotions.

6 Water pollution in “A Civil Action”


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