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More ICIS/Chemease pricing reports on China

Everyone wants to read about China, I tell the 18 Shanghai reporters who are looking to me for guidance on how to write for an international audience. In fact they are already writing for a huge Chinese readership, but now they are going to turn their hand to writing in English about the Chinese domestic chemicals markets which they know so well. Acrylo, oxos and capro are among the new English-language reports ICIS is launching together with its jv partner CBI under the name ICIS/Chemease in May, and that’s why I’m working in our Shanghai office with the editorial team this week.

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Fakery in alumni brochures and chemical websites

Hardly a month passes by without some new fake ICIS website coming to light. Our editors often find their articles, and even my blog postings, turning up on Indian or Dutch websites. When I was in Moscow a few years ago, I was shown a Russian website called, which was a completely unauthorised version of Platts in the Russian language (it’s been withdrawn now).

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More Top Chemical Movie Scenes

The battle for the top chemical scenes in the movies rages on. After I thought we’d settled once and for all the Top Ten Chemical Movie Scenes” back in the early days of the Blog, the movie buffs at ICB (John Baker and Andy Brice) have thrown these six names into the ring.

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